Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eruvin in the News: Montreal, Canada

Snowdon to Have First Eruv to Cross Decarie

By David Lazarus

Montreal — An historic moment in Montreal Jewish community life more than three years in the making is nigh as the first eruv to transverse Decarie Boulevard prepares to open.

The west-end Snowdon eruv, according to prime mover Rabbi Schachar Orenstein of the Spanish & Portuguese synagogue, will allow ritually observant Jews in the district to carry objects or push baby strollers back and forth across Decarie on Shabbat and on Yom Kippur. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: Mill Hill, London 5

The Eruv and Mazeltovs All Round

By Cllr Jack Cohen

Tuesday was "planning night "at the Town Hall. All three planning sub committees met. I learned something new. The three committees rotate between using the Council Chamber, Committee room one, and Committee Room three. Not all on one evening but each four weekly cycle. I do not know which panjandrum thought this one up. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: Mill Hill, London 4

Mill Hill Eruv to be Constructed 'Within Six Months'

By Robyn Rosen

Construction of a Mill Hill eruv will begin "within six months" after the project was given the green light by Barnet Council.

On Tuesday, Barnet's planning committee voted in favour of the application for 24 poles which would link up with the existing Edgware and Golders Green eruvs. Councillors requested a wildlife survey at Sheepwash Pond, part of the eruv area, and that the colour of the poles be green, rather than black. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: Mill Hill, London 3

Mill Hill Eruv Given Green Light by Barnet Councillors to Connect Religious Boundaries in Edgware and Hendon

By Alex Hayes

A Controversial religious boundary will be created in Mill Hill after being given the go-ahead by Barnet Councillors at a packed meeting last night. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: St Ives, Australia 6

A Current Affair Stirs Up the St Ives Eruv Controversy - an Absolute Disgrace!

The AJN article about anti-semitic comments posted on the ACA website after it published a story about the St Ives Eruv plans: Read on...

Eruvin in the News: St Ives, Australia 5

Residents in the North Sydney Suburb of St Ives Are Disputing Plans for a 20-Kilometre Symbolic Fence to Benefit Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath

A plan to build a 20 kilometre symbolic fence for Orthodox Jews has become a hot-button issue in Sydney's upper North Shore suburb of St Ives. The eruv, or virtual wall, made of poles and wires, mimics the walled cities of biblical times, creating a religious zone that allows strictly observant members of the Jewish faith to carry out activities usually forbidden on the Sabbath. But many St Ives residents fear the eruv may come at too high a price, spoiling the leafy streetscape of their suburb and creating a religious enclave that could divide the whole community. Deborah Cornwall reports. Read on...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Eruvin in the News: Lakewood, NJ

Lakewood Police Chief Addresses Issue of Police Officer Who Tore Down Eruv

There has been considerable interest concerning an Eruv that was taken down by a member of the police department. There has been speculation this was an anti-Semitic gesture and I would like to set the record straight on this. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: Jerusalem 7

Eruv Sabotage in South Jerusalem Ratcheted Up

By Yechiel Sever

Hundreds of thousands of south Jerusalem residents were left without a proper eruv following the latest act of sabotage in an ongoing series of attacks against eruv poles. The relentless strikes have been taking place for several years, and in the recent incident dozens of poles were uprooted to the southwest of the city, using bulldozers stolen from the site after razing the poles' foundations.

During a routine inspection of the eruv last week, rabbis from the Jerusalem Religious Council were surprised to find the extensive damage near Rechov Panama in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood. They spoke out angrily against the regular cutting of eruv lines, causing many people to transgress the prohibition against carrying. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: St Ives, Australia 4

Residents Draw Line Over Jewish Boundary

By Josephine Tovey

It is a spiritual boundary made from wire just one centimetre thick but a planned Jewish eruv around St Ives has divided residents of the upper north shore suburb.

Jewish residents of St Ives have long tried to create an eruv around the suburb: a zone marked by overhead wire within which orthodox Jews are permitted to carry objects out of doors on their sabbath and holy days, which would otherwise be forbidden. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: St Ives, Australia 3

North Shore Eruv Plans Ignite Anti-Semitism

By Joshua Levi

A proposal to erect an eruv in Sydney’s North Shore has led to anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic outbursts from members of the local community.

The Northern Eruv committee has submitted its plans to put up 27 poles, which are needed to complete the circuit of wires, to Ku-ring-gai Council. Read on...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Eruvin in the News: St Ives, Australia 2

Jewish Leader Calls for Fair Go

By Julie Huffer

A JEWISH leader is calling for “a fair go” in response to opponents of a controversial plan for a symbolic religious zone at St Ives.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff said the Jewish community was “not attempting to turn the area into an enclave”, as residents opposed to the plan had suggested.
“It is seeking the support of fellow residents to enable people to carry out the requirements of their faith, with zero impact on the rest of the community,” he said. Read on...

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