Friday, September 08, 2006

Eruvin in the News: Wynnewood, PA 2

Building "Keruv" The Main Line Eruv

By David Oppenheimer

It has been a long process involving many people, but the construction of the Main Line Eruv expansion is finally nearing completion. Read on ...

What's The Point Of An Eruv?
The Halachos of Eruvin

By Prof. Adi Wyner

One of the 39 categories of prohibited activity on Shabbat is "carrying from one domain to the next" (hotzaah me-r'shut lir'shut). Jewish law prohibits carrying on Shabbat between a public domain and a private domain or for more than 4 cubits in a public domain. However, Halacha permits carrying within an enclosed private area. Read on ...

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Finally! Stamford Hill Joins the Club

Mazel Tov to the Jewish residents of Stamford Hill upon the establishment of their  eruv . Finally, the last bastion of opposition to the ...