Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eruvin in the News: St Ives, Australia 5

Residents in the North Sydney Suburb of St Ives Are Disputing Plans for a 20-Kilometre Symbolic Fence to Benefit Orthodox Jews on the Sabbath

A plan to build a 20 kilometre symbolic fence for Orthodox Jews has become a hot-button issue in Sydney's upper North Shore suburb of St Ives. The eruv, or virtual wall, made of poles and wires, mimics the walled cities of biblical times, creating a religious zone that allows strictly observant members of the Jewish faith to carry out activities usually forbidden on the Sabbath. But many St Ives residents fear the eruv may come at too high a price, spoiling the leafy streetscape of their suburb and creating a religious enclave that could divide the whole community. Deborah Cornwall reports. Read on...

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