Friday, May 19, 2006

Eruvin in the News: Saint Brice, France

A first in France: A “Erouv” will be installed soon in Saint Brice!

By Albert Bellaïche for Guysen Israel News

(Pardon my French)

At a time when there are still acts of anti-Semitism in France, witness the dispatches of Samy Gozlan chair of the National Office of Vigilance against anti-Semitism. It is necessary to note the gestures of sympathy of the municipal officials of the country towards the Community.

On this subject it is useful and necessary for us to mention an issue which is worth its weight in gold, because of it’s extreme rarity, which is worthy of a grand announcement.

Indeed like Philadelphia whose Mayor John Street signed an agreement so that the city has an “Erouv”, a small locality of the Northern suburbs of Paris, located between Teals-the village and Montmorency, of approximately 13.000 inhabitants called Saint Brice has, according to its Mayor Alain Lorrand, accepted the installation of an “Erouv” in the town. Read on ...

(Update: Unfortunately this eruv will not be established, see comments.)

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