Sunday, March 26, 2006

Eruvin in the News: New York, NY

Lower East Side
String Theory

Published: March 26, 2006

STRUNG together out of poles and wire, the symbolic boundary known as an eruv is a flimsy thing. Under Jewish law, however, it has all the strength of a masonry wall. Within its enclosure, observant Jews are freed from certain Sabbath prohibitions on transporting items or people outdoors. For example, they may carry a prayer shawl to synagogue or push a child in a stroller. Read on ...

(Note the incorrect pronouncement by Rabbi Azriel Siff that there was no eruv in the Lower East Side. In fact, there was an eruv established in 1905 (see The Hundredth-Year Anniversary of the First Eruv in New York 1905-2005) which was in use until 1950. Moreover, an eruv established in 1962 was just recently declared not viable. Additionally, Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l allowed the Manhattan rabbananim to establish an eruv even though he personally was against one. Therefore, I question the right for anyone to use Rav Moshe’s name to obstruct the reestablishment of the eruv.)

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