Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eruvin in the News: Dallas, TX

Rabbi's Weekly Maintenance Keeps Faithful in Line

By Harriet P. Gross

Suppose you're an Orthodox Jew, upholding in daily life all your faith's many traditions. Sabbath worship is high on the list. But "work" isn't permitted on that holy day, and today's Judaism counts driving as work. So you'll choose a home within walking distance of your synagogue.

However, you're faced with another dilemma: "transferring and transporting from domain to domain" – moving anything from one place to another – can't be done either. So you're not able to push your baby's stroller or carry an umbrella if it's raining. When you'd like to accept a neighbor's invitation for lunch after services, you can't contribute a cake or casserole from home. What's left but to stay home yourself? Read on...

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