Sunday, August 02, 2009

Eruvin in the News: Boynton Beach, FL 3

Boynton-Area Eeruv Gives Orthodox Jews Options on the Sabbath

By Lois K. Solomon

WEST BOYNTON - For the past six Saturdays, Ari Sonneberg has held the hands of his two preschoolers as they walked a mile to their synagogue west of Boynton Beach.

His wife, Erin, stayed home with their 1-year-old, since the little one can't walk and Jewish law prevents her from carrying him on the Sabbath.

But today, the Sonnebergs feel a freedom they had almost forgotten: They can push all three kids in their strollers as they walk to temple because the Jewish community's new, expanded eruv, or symbolic wall, is up and running. Read on...