Monday, June 17, 2019

Part 2 - Lakewood Eruvin: The Truth

Section One

An Overview of the Benefits and Halachic Issues Regarding a Lakewood Community Wide Eruv

What Are the Benefits That a Lakewood Community Wide Eruv Has Over a Neighborhood Eruv

1: The benefits of a community wide eruv as opposed to small neighborhood eruvin
To begin with, it is a mitzvah to erect an eruv (Tur and Shulchan Aruch, O.C. 366:13, 395:1; for proof that it’s a requirement for a city as well, see BeHag, Perek Hador and Chasam Sofer, O.C. 99).
The Chasam Sofer (O.C. 99) states that it is not possible for an individual to ensure that all the members of his household do not carry inadvertently on Shabbos.
Additionally, an eruv helps to increase our oneg Shabbos, e.g., the ability to take leisurely strolls and bring needed food (Perishah, O.C. 395:1; see also Emek Shalah, Parshas Kedoshim, ois 10).

From the above, we can recognize many benefits to a community wide eruv, including the following:
v  It allows for more children and grandchildren to see their parents and grandparents.
v  It makes it easier for someone who needs medication to go to an alternative shul.
v  It makes it easier for a ba’al simchah to place his guests.
v  It makes it easier for mothers to go to simchas.
v  It augments ones’ ability to take leisurely strolls.
v  Many times, people, realize that they overlooked something in their pockets after having left the boundaries of their local eruv.

Additional benefits of a community wide eruv include the following:
v  It encompasses more people; therefore, it helps minimize chilul Shabbos by our Jewish brethren who are unfortunately not religious and carry on Shabbos without an eruv (see Nefesh Chayah, siman 25 and Bais Av, 2:1:25; see also Chelkas Yaakov, introduction to his Kuntres Tikkun Eruvin).
v  It helps minimize the issue of people carrying from one neighborhood eruv to the other without realizing that there is a need to enact eruvei chatzeiros between these eruvin.
v  Many times, small eruvin are not built correctly l’halachah. One large eruv established by a professional eliminates the need for these questionable eruvin.  

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