Monday, November 29, 2010

Eruvin in the News: Cresskill, NJ

Cresskill’s Jews Get a New Eruv

By Alexa Kravitz

After the sun sets Friday on the Borough of Cresskill, Shabbat-observant Jews can walk to shul carrying their tallit bags and pushing their baby strollers, thanks to the town’s newly constructed eruv.

Literally, an eruv is a small piece of black plastic or rubber over the town’s telephone poles. Figuratively, it is symbolic fence that encloses a safe space for observant Jews to carry items such as keys or tallit bags or push baby strollers on Shabbat and holidays, when they are forbidden from carrying anything in public spaces. On Nov. 10, Cresskill put up an eruv, thrilling the local Jewish community, according to Rabbi Mordechai Shain, director of Tenafly’s Lubavitch on the Palisades, which spearheaded the effort to create the eruv. Read on...

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