Monday, October 13, 2008

Eruvin in the News: Westhampton Beach, NY 11

Group Opposed to Eruv Urges Petitions

The leaders of a Jewish group opposing a religious boundary proposed for Westhampton Beach Village urged more than 100 people who attended a Sunday morning meeting to sign petitions voicing their opinions on the matter to utility companies and village officials. Read on...

(Please stay tuned for my take on this fiasco.)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Eruvin in the News: Potomac, MD

A Neighborhood Built Around Religious Ritual

By Janet Lubman Rathner

Orthodox Jews do not use phones on the Sabbath and on some holidays. Nor do they drive.

However, telephone poles and highways have combined to create a Montgomery County neighborhood that is especially welcoming to Orthodox families. Read on...

Eruvin in the News: St Ives, Australia

Jews Seek Religious Freedom With a Ring Around St Ives

By Jano Gibson

A JEWISH group plans to overcome an ancient and restrictive religious commandment by creating a virtual wall around an entire North Shore suburb.

But its push for greater freedom has caused angst among some St Ives residents, who say it will block their views and create a "Jewish ghetto". Read on...

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