Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eruvin in the News: Far Rockaway/Lawrence, NY

Carry On...

From The Editor's Desk
By Larry Gordon

We can perhaps venture to say that many people, both within the Orthodox community and outside of it, misunderstand the nature of the much-debated halachic and conceptual enclosure we affectionately know as the eiruv.

Here in the Five Towns, as well as in some of the numerous readership communities that receive this newspaper, the eiruv is, in most cases, rarely thought of and is very often taken for granted. After all, you may be thinking, why should we look for it if we probably would not be able to see it anyway? But rest assured, it is there and intact week after week so that you can carry your tallis to shul or wheel your toddler in his or her new Quinny without reservation, hesitation, or compunction. Read on...

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