Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eruvin in the News: Jerusalem 3

Cops Arrest Rabbonim in Bayit Vegan on Shabbos - Eruv Cut on Friday Night

The latest incident surrounding the ongoing effort by secularists’ to destroy the Yerushalayim eruv has led to the arrest of two rabbonim in Yerushalayim on Shabbos, in Bayit Vegan. The incident will undoubtedly result in a political storm for Jerusalem’s new Mayor, Nir Barkat, as the story is revealed in the chareidi newspapers and electronic media.

According to reports from Bayit Vegan, a large police force responded on Shabbos when non-religious people phoned, apparently after frum yidden involved in a stakeout apprehended secularists as they cut the eruv in the Bayit Vegan area. The culprit apprehended in the act was none other than noted Jerusalem professor, a leading opponent of the eruv and a member of the committee of rabbonim and secularists that have been meeting in the hope of using dialogue as a means to resolve the controversy. Read on ...

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