Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Chazon Ish on Carrying

Though the Chazon Ish was known as a big supporter of eruvin, in Orchos Rabbeinu (vol. 1, p. 170) it is stated that the Chazon Ish did not even allow a child to utilize the eruv and carry in Bnei Brak on Shabbos. Some claim that since the Chazon Ish did not allow the use of the eruv, it is irrelevant that he maintained that a reshus harabbim does not exist today. They are mistaken; the only difficulty with eruvin that the Chazon Ish himself wrote about was that almost every time he inspected the eruv after Shabbos it was either broken or ripped and therefore he maintained that the eruv was considered be’chezkas pasul every Shabbos (Teshuvos V’Ksavim, siman 85). He was therefore uneasy about people utilizing the eruv. Modern construction materials can withstand extreme weather conditions and are b’chezkas kayama. There is no doubt then that the Chazon Ish would allow carrying in an eruv today.

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